Air Jordan 1 Yellow Toe This year is on sale! Are you ready to order?

In the classic white and black color combination, the bright yellow color becomes the main line color, not only OG’s retro temperament is strong, but also the upper foot is also the eye-catching artifact of the sky-turning rate!

As early as the summer of last year, it was the first exposure. The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Yellow Toe”, known as the “yellow toe”, has no specific release information.

The classic look of the black toe is presented in a black and yellow contrast, creating a more dynamic visual impact.

The full leather body is inspired by many OG details, and the familiar texture is memorable.

There is no specific release date yet, but it is certain that this color scheme will be a new Air Jordan 1 with a very high double!

This color scheme has exposed more physical pictures this year, and recent rumors say it will be officially released in the fall of 2019.

We will continue to update the latest news about this color scheme, and interested friends may wish to stay tuned.

However, the volume is not large and will only be available at the highest level Nike/Jordan stores.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Yellow Toe”
Goods number: AR1020-700
Release date: Fall 2019
Offer price: $190

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Buy cheap Air Jordan 1 Chicago + North Carolina!

In 2009, Michael Jordan, the great basketball god, was elected to the Hall of Fame and delivered a speech that was both humorous and moving, which impressed many fans.(Buy a cheap Air Jordan 1 Brand)

The biggest highlight is the speech on the insole when Jordan was elected to the Hall of Fame, “Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion”, and the word “FEAR” that was crossed out. There are quite a lot of details, and I believe that once it is released, it will attract the attention of many shoe players.

The front end of the shoe has a classic Chicago color scheme, while the second half uses the North Carolina blue color scheme. The side Swoosh and the upper wing logo are complemented by black accents.

The four colors of black, white, blue and red are spliced ​​to each other, which brings a very bright visual effect. At the same time, the injection of the patent leather material not only enriches the texture, but also adds a lot of fashion to the whole pair of shoes.

It is reported that it will be released in the summer of 2019. The specific release information has not been released, we will continue to pay attention and bring the report in the first time.

This year’s 10th anniversary, Jordan Brand deliberately brought you a new color of the Air Jordan 1 to pay tribute to this classic moment.

Air Jordan 1 High OG “Fearless”
Item No.: CK5666-100
Offer price: $160 USD

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Obsidian Air Jordan 1 Launched in August! Are you ready to buy?

With the release date approaching, the recent Instagram sneaker account @hanzuying once again exposed the physical map of the shoes.

Air Jordan 1 “Obsidian” uses a similar color scheme to show a completely different texture through the leather upper, which may be easier to get started!

As early as April this year, a new pair of Air Jordan 1 “Obsidian” first exposed the physical map, which has won the love and praise of many netizens.

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Earlier this year, Jordan Brand created a pair of Air Jordan 1 “Blue Chill” for the NBA All-Star Weekend. Although the color schemes look particularly similar, they are now available in WMNS specifications, resulting in today’s market prices above 350$.

Although the color scheme looks like a new member of the black toe, the dark part is actually presented in obsidian or dark navy blue, and the rest is matched with white and north card blue. The whole pair of shoes looks clean and elegant.

According to the current news, the color will be officially released on August 17th, and the sale price will be $160. We will continue to pay attention and bring tracking reports in the first time!

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Purple gold color is coming soon! Lakers Air Jordan 13 will be available for sale next week

This month, there will be a pair of Lakers color matching Air Jordan 13 “Lakers” officially debut, after many exposures have gained a low degree of attention.

The purple tongue on the details, the Jumpman Logo, the iconic leopard eye embellished heel, the overall temperament and detail design are outstanding.

The shoes are mainly white and purple, white lychee with purple suede to reflect the texture, yellow accents in the outsole texture.

The shoes will be available for sale on July 20th for $190, and the size of the children’s shoes will be available simultaneously.

We will continue to pay attention and bring tracking reports in the first time, and friends who like it must remember to pay close attention!

This pair of shoes is to commemorate Michael Jordan’s defeat of the Lakers in the 1990-91 season, winning his first NBA title in his career.

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How to buy cheap Air Jordan 1 “crushing 3.0”

As one of the hottest colors in Air Jordan 1 in recent years, the return of the “Shattered Backboard” kick-off rebound has been expected by many shoe players.Cheap Air Jordan 1 “crushing 3.0”

In fact, whether it is the black and white buckles before, or the silk seduction in 2018, they all have high popularity and good market prices.

Maybe after reading this group of shoes account @sneakertigger After the new up-to-the-foot photos, you can make a difference to these shoes!

The new color scheme follows the iconic black and orange dress of the clasped theme. The biggest point is that the upper is made of pleated glossy leather, giving it a unique texture.

After reading this group of feet, do you think that “crushing 3.0” can be really fragrant?

In addition, the yellowed midsole adds a retro touch that gives a completely different look and feel.:Cheap Air Jordan 1 “crushing 3.0”

However, the “Break 3.0” Air Jordan 1, which was replaced with a leather upper material, has been crippled and oily by countless shoe friends since its exposure, and even named it “luck crush”.

It seems that this pair of materials is more unique and new, and there may be more enthusiastic market response.

Currently, this sneaker is expected to be officially released on October 26, and the sale price is $160. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to our information!

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Where to buy cheap black and yellow Air Jordan 1 Mid!

The color scheme will be available for sale in the near future, and interested partners can continue to follow our follow-up reports.

Referring to the black and yellow color of the Air Jordan 1 Mid, the new favorite color is definitely the most famous pair of shoes. Recently, Jordan has brought a new pair of black and yellow themed Air Jordan 1 Mid.

The overall design is black, and the details such as the tongue and Swoosh Logo are decorated with bright yellow accents. The unique feature is that the upper is stitched with corduroy and leather, and the texture is very delicate.

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How to buy cheap Air Jordan 11 Low IE big slam dunk

The latest news said that the shoes will be officially released on Saturday, July 13th, at a price of $170. We will continue to pay attention and bring tracking reports in the first place!

After more than two years, the theme of the big slam dunk returned again, but this time it was carried out by Air Jordan 11 Low IE, and the official map was officially released recently.Cheap Air Jordan 11 Low IE

Among all the colors in the Air Jordan 11, the big slam dunk Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” is more popular than the first year.

The blue tongue Jumpman Logo, and the blue crystal outsole, make the overall temperament more refreshing and transparent, making it both versatile and rich in visual layering.

Designed on the basis of the Air Jordan 11 Low, the shoe has a hollow vent hole in many places, and the low-cut design is a pair of shoes that are more suitable for summer wear.Cheap Air Jordan 11 Low IE

The familiar black and blue theme is the symbolic color of the big slam dunk. The black shoes are made of a variety of materials. The patent leather has a good luster effect, and there are bright and stylish details in the calm.

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The Yeezy 350 V2 is also available for sale in September. How to buy it!

Along with the crazy sale of the new Yeezy series last month, the entire July is in an unprecedented sales shortage, and a new pair of Yeezy products will not be available for sale in China!

What do you think of the color values of these two pairs of colors?

The current news said that these two color schemes will be officially released in September this year, and everyone has two months to save money! We will continue to pay attention and bring tracking reports in the first place!

Among them, Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Cloud White” sees the overall gray-white color as the main effect, and the outsole is also grayish white. It looks like a similarity to the previous combustible ice color matching, with a khaki midsole. . In Xiaobian, the color value of this color matching can be ranked in the top.
but! Today, the well-known breaking account @yeezymafia directly exposed two pairs of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‬ new color renderings, the color names are “Cloud White” and “Citrin”

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Where can I buy cheap Supreme x Air Jordan 14 shoes?

The two sides are based on the Air Jordan 14, and the design is inspired by the rivet leather that Jordan used to wear. Two pairs of shoes are about to be released the day after tomorrow, and Supreme also released official pictures.

This year, the news that Supreme and Jordan Brand are about to work together again will make everyone excited. After all, the last joint name of the two sides will be traced back to 2015.

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The white and red color is more eye-catching than the black and blue color. The white upper is in sharp contrast to the black midsole, giving a strong visual impact. At the same time, the classic white and red dress is also the iconic color match of Supreme. I believe it will be favored by many small partners.

Side of the shoe body The Jumpman Logo, tongue, tag and many other details have been added to the Supreme logo to highlight the joint identity of the shoes.

This joint name brings black, white and red color. The black and blue color, the body is made of a large area of ​​black leather material, with a blue midsole embellishment, the vamp is covered with metal rivets, highlighting the strong locomotive style.

It will be available for sale on Supreme offline stores and Supreme’s official website on June 13th for $248.

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3M reflective + luminous outsole! Where to buy cheap Travis Scott x AJ6!

From the Air Force 1 up to the Air Jordan 4 ring powder, and then to the Air Jordan 1 crowning shoe king.

Whether it’s popularity, topicality, or speculation in the secondary market, Travis Scott and his joint sneakers are definitely recognized by a large number of sneaker players.

If Travis Scott is the most successful cross-shoe designer in history, it’s not an exaggeration.

At the end of this year, the previously exposed Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 will also be officially released, let’s take a look at the latest physical map!

The suede upper is covered in Travis Scott’s favorite olive green and accented with striking orange accents at the detail for a sophisticated military look.

At the same time, in the detail design, there are also a lot of thoughtful designs, which definitely make you hooked.

Despite the shape of the Air Jordan 6’s iconic tongue, the lining material has been changed to a worn canvas, which looks even more tough.

On the outside of the upper, the original ankle protection is filled and replaced with a canvas pocket pocket. To pay tribute to the gold rush culture of his hometown of Texas, it seems that Travis Scott really likes to hide private money.

The “Cactus Jack” label on the right heel is printed to show the extraordinary identity of the shoes.

From the Air Force 1 up to the Air Jordan 4 ring powder, and then to the Air Jordan 1 crowning shoe king.

The most important thing in the new physical map of this exposure is to reveal more details of this joint name.

One is the hidden 3M reflective design of the shoe, and the other is the night breeze, the specification is extremely rare.

According to the latest news, the Travis x Air Jordan 6 will be available for sale this summer for $250, and the cheap Jordan shoes website.