Air Jordan 9 Bumblebee Black Yellow
Air Jordan 9 Bumblebee Black Yellow

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Air Jordan 14 was launched in 1994, the only pair of Jordan shoes that Jordan did not pass on before the second retirement. When Jordan retired in 1994, people had a question: Will the Jordan series continue? However, Nike launched the shoe as scheduled. The design of the 9th generation reflects more of the world's thinking, because Jordan is not only a hero of American worship, but also fans of the world are fascinated by his skillful skills (our generation is also At this time, I began to contact the NBA and Jordan. The flying man's logo at the heel was placed with the Earth for the first time. It symbolizes that the flying man is flying over the whole earth. The soles of the shoes express the meaning of the world in English, Chinese and Japanese, respectively. It is a big world. The 9th generation is intended to let people remember the flying figure when they can't see Jordan. There is not much innovation in technology: there is a built-in Air sole cushion, and the protruding part of the forefoot edge is used to increase stability. . It is worth mentioning that at the time, Jordan's jersey in the baseball league was No. 45. Nike specially released 45 pairs of baseball shoes with "45" 9th generation. These shoes have become sky-high. At this point, really entered the golden age of Jordan basketball shoes.
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