Air Nike Men's All Black Slippers
Air Nike Men's All Black Slippers

Price:$ 78




1. The sole is very elastic, and you can feel the obvious soft bullet when you put it on, which is very obvious. 2. The sole has a lot of lines and the anti-slip effect is super good. 3. It is really good to wear, very sigh. 4. Personally feels very good, this shoe midsole is relatively thick, although the upper is very soft, but you step on it and feel the midsole to support your feet, very soft. Unlike other slippers, when the forefoot walks hard, it feels the hardness of the ground. I am very important. I often wear slippers to go out on the street. I feel like I am going down. The forefoot is just like the stepping on the ground. It’s hard. So this shoe pressure is always cool!
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