Nike Air Max 95 Camouflage White Black
Nike Air Max 95 Camouflage White Black

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The Air Max 95 can have such a huge charm, of course, not only

rely on its outstanding appearance, it also reflects the

ultra-high performance, but also attracts the professionals who

are strict in running shoes. The Air Max 95 uses a full palm

Max air cushion, which I think is the reason why everyone is

more popular than ever, because the Air Max 95 is the first

pair of forefoot airbags in Nike history, perhaps to prove the

forefoot's real material. In fact, the back palm is also

designed to open the air cushion, which also makes the Air Max

95 the first Nike sole with a fully exposed Air bag design. It

is also worth mentioning that the Air Max 95's rear air cushion

is the latest technology developed by Nike in 1994. The multi-

pressure air chamber air cushion system is English name PSI.

The PSI is further divided into 5PSI and 25PSI. The 5PSI air

chamber greatly improves the comfort of the runner, and the

25PSI air chamber can increase the stability of the sports

shoes. PSI is constructed by partitioning a tough synthetic

rubber cushion into a high-pressure way to inject different

gases at different pressure ratios in different parts. The

special gas in the air cushion will not be lost due to the

impact of external pressure. Provides maximum shock absorption,

protection, stability and comfort. The Air Max 95's rear palm

is a 5PSI that provides more comfort to the runner, while the

forefoot of the first sport uses a horizontal tubular structure

to match the repeating motion of the forefoot flexion during

running, Air Max 95 The large air cushion set of the forefoot

and hind paw replaces the traditional PU midsole, which makes

the jogging movement lighter, more comfortable, and more

stable. It is a pity that in addition to the re-enactment of

the Air Max 95 in 1996, Max Air's PSI system was used. Other

versions have deleted this technology.

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